Hello there!

I'm Fabian - this page is where I post stuff not directly related to my open-source projects (which you can find over at http://dev.cbcdn.com/), but to myself and things that pique my interest. There's some more info about me below.


Sometimes I write things down. Mostly because I find them interesting. Sometimes because people ask me about things and tell me I should write about them.

About me

I'm generally not that big a fan of talking about myself, preferring to let my work speak for me.

That work mostly consists of a wide range of software projects, workshops and other artefacts, some of which are presented on this page.

Professionally, I'm currently employed as Simulation IT Administrator for a company building full-size flight simulators for pilot training, where I manage the real-time simulation hard- and software as well as the build infrastructure. Before that, I worked as networking & firewall technician at a German university, developing and maintaining the faculty firewalling system and it's integration into other services.

In my personal life, I'm interested in a lot of things, with some of the more prominent being

  • Computers
    • Software design & development
    • Systems & Network administration
  • Electronics
    • Microcontrollers & Embedded computing
    • PCB design
  • Arts
    • Stage lighting
    • Photo- & Videography
    • Creative & technical writing

Most of my interests have areas of overlap, which is where in my opinion the most fascinating things can happen. I'm always happy to apply my skills in new ways, hopefully learning something new along the way. To that end, I'm a contributor and author to several open-source projects and an active member of the student body council at my university. I love to read and discuss everything from current events to fiction.

Get in touch

  • via E-Mail: fjs@fabianstumpf.de [GPG Key]
  • via Twitter: @fjstumpf
  • via Github: cbdevnet
  • via IRC: cbdev on OFTC, hackint and freenode
  • via Lawyer Snailmail: Direct your mail to Abteilung Digitalverweigerer z.Hd. Fabian Stumpf / Jollystrasse 1 / 76131 Karlsruhe

Legal things

This is the internet. It thrives on links to other things. These other things may change over time or become unavailable. They may be and most probably are maintained by other people. These people may hold opinions different from yours or mine.

Since I have no control over these other people, I refuse to be held accountable for things you do on or because of anything you encounter on linked sites.

Should you not agree to that, please immediately leave this site and reconsider your idea of functioning in a civilized society.

As for cookies and personal data, this website uses none but mine. If you decide to send me additional data with your requests, I'll probably not even notice. My server does keep connection logs for monitoring and statistics, if you want your data deleted for some reason, send me an email.

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